Untitled / Katoomba

For people who live in Katoomba, it's a place of contrasts - a tourist town for visitors and a permanent haven for those who love the mountains; close to Sydney but not too close. Residents see what tourists don't – dramatic seasonal fluctuations, extreme weather events and the changeable mood of a place that can only be experienced by those who live their lives at 1000 metres above sea level. These are the elements that have been captured to create "Untitled / Katoomba"

A5, saddle stitched, 40pp. 2nd printing. $26 inc postage (AU only)

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I acknowledge that for 65,000 years the Blue Mountains has been home to Aboriginal people, particularly the Darug and Gundungurra tribes. I pay my respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. This always was and always will be Aboriginal Land.